XpressDrill™ Wellbore Departure System - Features



  • True One Trip System
    • RIH, Orient, Set, Mill Window in one run
  • Options to cover any application
    • Open hole, cased hole, hydraulic or mechanical anchor, High angle wells
  • Cement through Whipstock capabilities


  • High angle starting ramp to insure quick and consistent initial cutout
  • 2.5 degree Slide
    • Less dog leg severity
  • Whip slide and mill have matching geometry
    • Controlled milling operation
    • Consistent window shape and quality


  • Mechanical Anchor
    • Over 375 runs
  • Hydraulic Anchor “patent pending technology”
    • Open or Cased Hole
    • Cementing applications with largest thru-bore in the industry
    • 5 slip design allows for the most wellbore contact available increasing anchoring reliability
    • Anchor covers multiple opening ranges insuring maximum penetration in open hole applications


  • Mills and cutting structures engineered to optimize performance and window quality
  • Mills designed with maximum cutting structure that insures a full gage window
  • Mills dressed to match application
    • Formation strength
    • Casing properties
    • Rathole requirements

Setting Valve Features

  • Compatible with MWD or Gyro orientation methods
  • Unlimited pumping cycles for orientation with MWD