The Top Source for Tubular Inspection & Machining Services in Odessa, TX

Wildcat Oil Tools Offers Versatile Assistance at our Local Facility

There's simply no overstating the importance of modern tubular products! These components are constantly used in the energy industry throughout Odessa, TX and the rest of the world. Thanks to modern tubular technology, oil-based operations in the Permian Basin are able to recover, communicate, and refine their oil and natural gas products across the region.

At Wildcat Oil Tools, our experienced technicians are capable of manufacturing the very latest in tubular piping. We'll provide the exact components you need to streamline your operation. Best of all, we offer our manufacturing services at some of the most competitive rates throughout Midland, TX and the surrounding communities. Even if you're in need of comprehensive inspection services, we've got you covered. Our team is equipped to meticulously scour your hardware, and eliminate any imperfections. Before you know it, your oilfield production facilities will be operating at maximum capacity!

If you're interested in learning more about our innovative service options, be sure to browse the following section. When it comes to tubular inspection and machining services, nobody does it better than Wildcat Oil Tools. We offer turn-key solutions to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

The services we currently provide include:

  • 5-function Non-destructive Electro-magnetic (EMI) Inspection unit.
  • OD and ID cleaning of tubulars from 1 ¼" up to 5 ½" tubing and drill pipe.
  • Water blasting ID of tubulars up to 20,000 lbs. of water pressure.
  • API ring and plug gauging of threads.
  • Special end area inspection (SEA).
  • Black-light of connections and tubes.