Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment



  • We offer three to six station accumulators with complete with API monograms, automatic start / stop control panels and a nitrogen back-ups and air motor packages.

Hydraulic Blowout Preventers (5k/10K)

  • Wildcat offers 5K and 10K Hydraulic Blowout Preventers
  • All blowout prevention equipment is maintained to API 53 standards from cradle to grave.
  • All wellbore equipment is purchased from approved API 16A and 6A manufacturers.

Reverse Units

  • Wildcat Oil Tools offers 5k, 10k and 15k pumps Our pumps are equipped with API-certified hoses, 15k iron and manifolds, along with calibrated flow meters to check flow rates while operational.

Power Swivels

  • We have 10K Logan XK90, NOV 2.5A power swivel and VTS direct drive swivels with 100-ton capacity.

Foam Air Units

  • Our foam Air units provide 1350/500 CFM and maximum circulating pressure of 2500 PSI.

Nitrogen Membrane Units

  • We operate Nitrogen Membrane Units capable of running 1350 CFM of nitrogen and a rating between 95-99.99% purity.

Pick Up And Lay Down Machines

  • Our Pick up and Laydown Machines feature 10,000 lbs. lifting capacity with a 40 foot reach.

Manifold/Plug Catchers

Pipe Racks